About Us


LUGREST is a family company created on solid foundations for the needs of the food industry. The second generation continues the knowledge and the idea that was born over three decades ago.


Each product in LUGREST is thoroughly examined by their look, size, weight, taste, and compliance of European food standards. Thanks to our experience and modern methods, we are carefully selecting the best products.


LUGREST has a mission to support, provide and offer the best commitment and the highest quality of products and service to wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, bakeries, candy stores, among others through the distribution of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, spices, groats and beans.


LUGREST expects to expand the collaboration in the five continents and be part of the best exponents of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, spices, groats and beans in the world. In this way, we want to increase our influence on the industry and be able to continuously support the changes required for the next decades in food matters.